Solveig, 19.
Close your eyes, open your mind.


my self esteem has two levels

  1. im a worthless piece of shit who deserves no love
  2. bow down before bitches i am your queen

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do i have cramps or has my appendix exploded

does my boob hurt or am i having a heart attack

am i on my period or do i have internal bleeding

these are our struggles

Thinking of dirty thoughts and getting an erection in awkward situations

The struggles of a man

boo hoo

thinking of my naked grandma isnt going to suck the blood back into my vagina

you need an award right now

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If you eat a pretty person will you gain their power

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Reblog if you would stay up all night to keep someone from commiting suicide

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Reasons To Be Happy:

  1. Dead trees still stand and so can you.
  2. You have five fingers on each hand. One day those fingers will travel from your lap to someone else’s and that person will know all the bad stuff and still want to kiss you. 
  3. Seasons are guaranteed when nothing else seems to be.

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Sometimes skulls are thick. Sometimes hearts are vacant. Sometimes words don’t work.

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